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We are dedicated to improving the lives of the hearing impaired, one patient at a time. Everything we do is to help people with hearing loss enjoy the sounds, voices, people and conversations in their lives. We take great pride in helping people get back the gift of hearing—there is nothing more gratifying.

I have been a client of Quality Hearing Aids in Las Vegas for several years and have been extremely satisfied with their product and, in particular, the service provided by Steve Romeo. Steve is highly knowledgeable and always goes out of his way to make sure all my questions are answered completely and whatever adjustments might be needed are completed with precision. I have had hearing issues for many years (including Tinnitus) and would have acquired hearing aids much sooner had I known how effective they are and what a pleasant experience this has been. If you are considering hearing aids, and want the most effective product and service available, I highly recommend Steve and Quality Hearing Aids. Having the confidence of knowing you can hear clearly again is an unbelievably positive experience.

Mike M.

I lost 95% of the hearing in one ear many years ago. This created problems in social situations like meals, because I constantly had to turn in order to hear someone on my "dead" side. I also was unable to tell which direction sounds were coming from, which creates some safety issues several times. Other audiologists I went to over the years told me that the solution was one powerful hearing aid in the bad ear. I tried that and it was most uncomfortable. 

Steve Romeo had a more elegant solution. He put what looked like a very small hearing aid on my good ear and a similar device on my bad ear. The device on the bad ear transmitted sound to the good ear. He then showed me how to listen for differences in sound between the transmitted sound and the natural sound in my good ear. He also hooked the pair up to my phone, and now I take phone calls through the hearing aids. 

After only two days I was in a restaurant with four people at a table and for the first time in many years I did not have to turn around once to hear the people on my bad side. Several weeks later I noticed that I was able to tell approximately where sound was coming from as I took a walk around my neighborhood.  My only regret is that I waited so long before coming to Quality Hearing Aids and Steve.  Total recommendation.

Robert A.

I was getting to the point where my hearing was adversely impacting my work, which depends on reacting to production cues and understanding messages over headphones. Steve Romeo understood my situation immediately ( He is a technical veteran of many live productions) and thoroughly tested me to determine the exact nature of my hearing loss. He then programmed a pair of hearing aids and gave me speech testing to verify the results. In addition to fixing the bad situation I had at work, the new hearing aids, which control with my iPhone, allow me to change settings instantly in ALL situations. This has had a major impact on my relationships with family, friends, colleagues and most of all with my lovely wife. Thank you, Steve, for being so understanding, for not pressuring me like "the other guys", and for being so professional.

William C.

Kent took 45 min to answer all our questions and we felt very comfortable with our purchase. The last place (competition) was a JOKE! Milford is hearing like he's 25 again! Kent is amazing!

Susan D.

I was told that I should have my hearing checked - I'm 70 - because I have had several 'hobbies' (shooting, pyrotechnics, drag-racing, etc) over a LOT of years that may have affected my hearing so I made an appointment. I was treated better than expected especially when I said that I didn't think that I actually had an issue.  My ears were checked visually and he noted that I had ruptured my eardrums at least once or twice (actually both ears twice). Then he gave me a comprehensive hearing test, one ear at a time, and when he was finished he explained that I am 'borderline' - I am probably not paying as much attention as I could but that as of now I do NOT need hearing aids!!! Then I was told that there was NO CHARGE for the 45 minutes he had spent with me! Best of all was that he told me I was welcome to come back for another check in a couple years - and that would also be FREE!  WHAT AN HONEST and oh-so-professional business here in Las Vegas!!! I could not be more impressed. THANK YOU!!

Dan S.

I want to take this opportunity to shout out a kudos to Steve Romeo, acknowledging his outstanding professionalism, technological expertise, and knowledge in the field of hearing instrument sciences. His proper diagnosis has always ensured the optimal solution to correct any hearing problems. Steve is very amiable and a delightful conversationalist, which makes visiting his office a pleasurable experience. Steve Romeo the best of the best.

Bob B.

Steve and Shelly:
Thank you for the great hearing evaluation earlier this week. I am glad I finally made the appointment after hearing the great Kent Davenport advertisements on the radio, AM 670. No muss no fuss, just a lot of wax in the ears! Steve, thank you for your honest evaluation and for not trying to load me up with unnecessary equipment. 

I will be back in about a year for a follow-up. Thank you again!

Lynn H.

Steve, I went to several other places before finding you. What a difference you made. At the other places all they did was test me and then hand me a pair of hearing aids with "This is what you need" --- no explanation, no time for anything other than trying to sell me a pair of hearing aids. 

You, on the other hand, took the time to explain everything to me, showed me what several choices would do, and let me make a decision without any pressure. Since I have been wearing your hearing aids, my life has become a lot better in many ways, and for that I thank you.

Paul S.

Thank you for all your kindness and high level professionalism! Never have I had anyone give so much of themselves and their expertise to assure complete satisfaction to a customer-client! Your attention to detail is extraordinary and greatly appreciated. I will be referring everyone who is experiencing difficulty in hearing to you.

Paul L.

To Shelly,  I want to thank you for your sincere help in solving my Hearing Aid situation. You are a big part of Quality Hearing Aid's success. You are always so pleasant on the phone when I call your company! Both you and Steve Romeo have made this a much more pleasant experience than expected. Starkey Hearing Aids also went well beyond what was required to solve my concerns and their customer service representative (Brian) was extremely understanding with my problem and very pleasant to deal with. Again I can’t thank all of you enough for your devotion!

Ken B.

I recently moved to Las Vegas from the Northeast and needed help with some issues I was having with my hearing aids. I chose Quality Hearing Aids because they had good reviews. To say they exceeded my expectations is a big understatement. Steve Romeo not only solved my hearing aid issues, he consulted with me about how I use my hearing aids and then helped set them up for me perfectly. My enjoyment from having hearing aids dramatically increased because I met Steve. Every issue with the settings I didn’t like, he fixed and then told me about things my hearing aids can do that no one had even asked me about in the past. His technical knowledge of the science behind the hearing aids is impressive (and not surprising given his engineering background). I describe him to my friends as a Jedi Knight of hearing aids. And Shelly and the customer service there are first rate too. I have found my home in Las Vegas for all things related to my hearing aids. Thanks so Much!!!!

R. Jackson

Five Stars to Steve Romeo, Hearing Instrument Specialist and owner of Quality Hearing Aids. His patience and knowledge of hearing aids and hearing sciences are both amazing. Purchasing your hearing aids from Quality Hearing Aids will be a very rewarding and pleasant experience.

T. Ruppert

I highly recommend QHA!  The people there are helpful, courteous, friendly and know their profession. Their goal is to help you improve your quality of life --and not to just sell you something. 

R. Murphy

Steve and Shelly provide excellent service and a winning attitude for the hearing aids I bought there. The devices work beautifully and whenever there is a problem Steve and Shelly are Johnny on the spot! I have heartily recommended them to anyone I know and I look forward to working with you well into the future.

M. Madow, MD

Steve Romeo at Quality Hearing Aids in Las Vegas has been great to work with from the moment I showed up for my first appointment.  Professional and personable would be the best way to describe my experience.  Being a first-time user of hearing aids, especially the Halo 2 product, requires a bit of a learning curve to get the maximum benefit.  Steve has been very patient and quick to respond to my questions/concerns.  I highly recommend Steve and Shelly at Quality hearing Aids in Las Vegas.

D. Loucks

Steve, I want to send you a note telling you how happy I am with my new hearing aids, you and your staff. You have done an outstanding job with my transition to the new hearing aids.  I appreciate your technical knowledge and the easy way you have explained everything to me.

Finding Mr Davenport was a very good day for me and now with you it's been a great day!

Thank you and your staff for always being so nice, helpful and professional.

I don't want to forget the receptionists that have always been so helpful and very pleasant.

Please give my many thanks to the Starkey company for making my life much better.

C. Williams

Please use this note to show my appreciation of the quality of service I received from Steve Romeo. His knowledge of the hearing needs of his patients is so important to us as we make the transition into a new improved lifestyle. His product from Starkey is first class. I am happy with my decision to improve my hearing. Steve tested me, and explained the unit I was to receive and fitted  it perfectly.   My follow up questions were explained in detail.

G. Hafenrichter

I purchased a pair of Halo hearing aids from Mr. Romeo. I received both great hearing aids and outstanding customer service. The other month my puppy, Sparky, chewed the microphone off of the hearing aid. After talking to Mr. Romeo, he contacted the manufacturer, Starkey, and I received a new aid at no cost to me! Thank you Mr. Romeo and Starkey for coming to my aid. I highly recommend Quality Hearing Aids.

L. Dauenhauer

Steve knows his business, and yet he continues to advance his education by traveling to the manufacturer's home office to receive the latest training on their products.  

After your first visit, you come away knowing that Steve is in this to help people. I am very pleased with the extra and considerate service Steve provided with my new Halo 2 hearing aids. 

Shelly has made my appointment scheduling trouble free and I have noticed that she always has everything organized and ready for each visit.

P. Swager

Steve, I appreciate your going "above and beyond the call of duty" to help me with the replacement of my hearing aids after regular office hours, since I could not get there before then. Not only were you very pleasant and nice, but I actually hear better than I did before. You not only took the time to show, but also to tell me, how to use the hearing aids properly. I can never thank you enough.

LuAnn R.

Just wanted to say thank you for all your extra time and work on Gina and our daughter Anna's hearing aids. It is a pleasure to find someone who cares about others as you do!

Virg and Gina W.

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