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Jon Michael's Story

A Story of Better Hearing

Our Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist, Steve Romeo, has a passion for helping others hear their best. Here is the story of when he first met Jon Michael, a sales clerk at the local Lowe's.

"I went to Lowe's to buy a drill. The person helping me was wearing a large BTE hearing aid that was literally hanging off of one ear, and was having a lot of trouble communicating. Despite his difficulty, he remained upbeat and in fact was sharp enough to sell me a 4-piece electric tool set instead of the drill I originally came in for." 

"I went to store management and scheduled a meeting with the assistant manager and the sales person who helped me, named Jon Michael. Patient Care Manager, Shelly Higham and I both went. The purpose of the meeting was to tell Jon Michael that he was getting a pair of top-of-the line Starkey customs. He came in not knowing what was about to happen and left the meeting extremely happy and appreciative. Shelly handled the appointment and did her usual bit of making instant friends." 

"It was a wonderful feeling to not only see the look in Jon Michael's eyes but to also see the happiness in the eyes of the Lowe's personnel in attendance at the meeting. Jon Michael  was fitted several weeks later and said to me in the store about two weeks after the fitting, 'You have no idea how much this has improved my life!'  He grabbed me and gave me a big handshake and a hug." 

"Situations like this are why I fit hearing aids."

-Steve Romeo, BC-HIS

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