More About Our Involvement

KNPR is the National Public Radio station that serves all of Nevada plus parts of Arizona, Utah and California. Quality Hearing Aids proudly donated donated a pair of Zi110 to their fundraising effort.

The KNPR Auction is an online auction that happens once a year to raise funds for the station. Over 300 sponsors put goods and services up on the auction, which runs for a week. This year they raised over $190,000.  

This is one of the charitable organizations that QHA supports. We have also donated a signed guitar to KLVX Channel 10 Public Television (PBS affiliate) fundraising and also given funding to Shade Tree Shelter and Three Square Food Bank through the LVIP dinner charity, along with supporting Henderson Public Libraries. 

About the winner

David Farley lives in Overton, NV and is a retired construction manager. His wife Gloria heard about us on KJUL in Las Vegas and noticed us in the KNPR auction, where she put in the winning bid. David said, "My wife is remarkable. She didn't tell me about anything until she actually won."  David was so excited that he showed up here an hour early for his appointment. After I put the hearing aids on him and gave him a speech test, he was amazed at the distance at which he could hear me clearly. He is one happy camper at this point.